1. You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here

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    December 6, 2016 by Daniel Appel

    Sports Director Daniel Appel says goodbye to the Remnant. He passed (school, he’s graduating).

  2. Chatterbox Podcast-11-21-16: Thanksgiving Food Champions

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    November 21, 2016 by Daniel Appel

    How many donuts can Mark Myers eat in 2 hours? A Thanksgiving food champion is also crowned in our 16 food bracket.

  3. Men’s basketball preview: fill it up

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    November 14, 2016 by Daniel Appel

    The Eagles return 3 starters from their Sweet 16 run with the promise of offensive fireworks.

  4. UNW vs. Eureka: Do or Die

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    November 3, 2016 by Daniel Appel

    The Eagles will play for a spot in the NCAA tournament against a defensive-minded Eureka squad.

  5. All the Marbles: UNW vs. Scholastica

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    October 11, 2016 by Daniel Appel

    The season is made or broken this Saturday on Lake Superior. The Saints are undefeated and the Eagles look to bounce back.

  6. Homecoming preview: UNW vs. MLC

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    September 21, 2016 by Daniel Appel

    All aboard, the blowout train is here!

  7. Around the UMAC – Football

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    September 12, 2016 by Mark Myers

    Things went pretty much according to plan in the UMAC week 1, but Minnesota-Morris rocked the boat.

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