Q & A with UNW guard Cody Sprenger

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April 25, 2016 by Daniel Appel

Cody Sprenger

I sat down with University of Northwestern- St. Paul guard Cody Sprenger before the team’s NCAA tournament run to the Sweet 16 for a quick and quirky Q&A. Check it out below:

Daniel Appel: Weird things before a game that might scare readers?

Cody Sprenger: I like to chew gum during warm-ups but then throw it away before the game, it’s harder to breathe but it gets the nerves calmed down a little bit.

DA: Everyone has their go-to shoes for basketball, do you have a favorite?

CS: I wear plain black Nike Hyperdunks, which are good, keep it basic. I used to wear Jordans- everyone wants to be like Mike.

DA: Pregame meal of choice?

CS: Pregame meal of choice is western chicken and fries as of late. I’ve had it quite a bit lately. Otherwise, the omelet’s always good but I usually go with the western chicken now.

DA: A lot of people are multi-sport athletes, what comes first, basketball or track?

CS: Track is always a great thing, I love running, but I had some injuries in the past. I’d like to give it a go this year and see how it goes.

DA: How would you describe your game?

CS: (Kyle) Filzen always compares us to NBA players, and he says I’m like Goran Dragic and I think that’s a good comparison, I’d take that any day. I try to use my speed to my advantage, make shots when they’re open and get other guys open too.

DA: Is there anything that sets you apart from other players?

CS: They say I smile quite a bit, which I don’t know, it could be true. Trying to put all the pieces to the puzzle.

DA: Anything else you’d like to add?

CS: I’m really thankful for the opportunity that I’ve been given here, and thankful to be with all the guys, and looking forward to the rest of the season.


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