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December 6, 2016 by Daniel Appel


Left to right: UWSP mascot, Josh Kolojeski, Daniel Appel, Tyler Cate, Vanshay Murdock, Karina Triller, Ashley Arneson. Taken at the Sweet 16 NCAA men’s basketball tournament 2015.

Two and a half years ago, I came to Northwestern as a clueless freshman radio major. I didn’t know how to be on the radio, just that I liked it. I was forced to be in radio workshop as a part of my major’s requirements, and the rest is history.

The first day of workshop, I met Josh Kolojeski who was the Sports Director at the time. Josh wanted me to sign up to broadcast football games, and I said I couldn’t because I had to work, but really I was terrified. I had to do SOMETHING radio to be a part of the department, so we met halfway as Josh basically made me be on a show called Chatterbox Sports Talk.

I was welcomed by Josh and Luke Larson on Chatterbox, a show that I’m still a part of in its fifth year, the longest running and most popular show on the station. Props to those two guys for letting me transition from a guest to a full time co-host despite the fact that I was tremendously bad at radio. It was scary at first, and eventually the training wheels fell off and I genuinely enjoyed myself.

I’ve been surrounded by incredible talent in my five semesters at UNW, whether that be fellow students or faculty. It boggles my mind, but I’ve broadcasted almost  100 Northwestern sporting events in my time at the school for basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball. Amongst those, I’ve been lucky enough to call multiple conference championship games, the first ever and most recent NCAA tournament wins, and everything in between. If you look in the first press box on the left in this video, you can spot Tyler Cate on the left, Josh Kolojeski in the middle, and myself on the right.

I’ve been lucky enough to tell the stories of athletes and coaches who love the Lord and pour that into their athletes, teammates, and opposing teams. UNW truly has one of the most special programs both in their accomplishments on the field and their pursuit in Christ. I look forward to watching and attending future Northwestern sports games.

The Remnant sports department is in fantastic hands going forward, and has an extremely bright future as we’ve been broadcasting all basketball and football games since 2014. Chatterbox and Double Overtime are flourishing. The Remnant Sports website averages higher traffic that the Remnant site itself (!), and there’s infinite room for expansion.


As I leave the station and UNW, I can’t help but be sentimental. While I will be sticking around the school for a little while longer doing games for the live streams, I will always look back on the memories I made in the Remnant Sports Department with joy. Whether that be an infinitely long car ride to Green Bay with Josh Kolojeski and Tyler Cate or an afternoon spent arguing about football on Chatterbox, I can never repay what’s been given to me.

But thank you anyways.




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